Eat right, be active, think positive! We will be sharing workouts, recipes and tips on how to live fit every day.

It’s not too late to join Spinning® for 100 Fit Days! With busy schedules, we know that it’s not always easy to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Join us and use #100FitDays and you will be entered to win one of several prizes we are giving away. Be sure your settings are public so we can see your posts.

What can one healthy choice each day do for you?

  • Chances are that if you are making healthy choices for your mind, body and soul, then your fit days will offset any setbacks
  • Bring on more exercise buddies—when others see positive changes they become inspired
  • Notice which workouts make you feel more energized and stronger
  • Try more healthy recipes
  • Take your workouts outside to make you feel more invigorated–go to the park, the beach or get in the water!
  • Track your progress, go a little further every day!

Take time to appreciate how each healthy choice makes you happy inside and out. Share as much as you can and show us what you can do in 100 days!

 Join us now for #100FitDays!

100 Spin Fit Days

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