Few things compare to the energy of a packed Spinning® class with its inspirational coaching, invigorating music and unified team environment. However, with the evolution of at-home fitness experiences more and more people are discovering the unique benefits of Spinning in the comfort of their own home. From mitigating time and money spent traveling to creating a personalized Spinning environment, the reasons to blend home rides with sessions at the studio are abundant.

Check out these eight enticing benefits of the at-home Spinning® experience:

1. Build a Spinning® Sanctuary

Your workout space in your home is your Spinning® sanctuary – take the time to set it up exactly how you want it. First, invest in good speakers for music and a fan to keep cool. Then, clear out clutter, tear out the carpet, paint the walls – whatever it takes to have a space you would not only be proud to show off to friends but also a place that beckons you back for another ride.

2. Take a Virtual Ride

With your bike facing your screen, pull up a video of an actual bike ride. Unlike losing yourself in a story, like in the first tip, you become part of the story as you pedal along a road of your choosing. You can even mix up the scenery and take a trek down different terrains across the globe in a short amount of time. Keep the video on mute and play your favorite playlist!

8 Outside the Box Ways to Enhance Your at-home Spinning® Experience - Watch TV

3. Enjoy Guilt-Free Binge Watching

Position your Spinner® bike in front of your smart TV or computer to binge watch your favorite show. Whether it’s The Good Wife or House of Cards, this is the perfect mood-setter for a steady endurance training session at a sustained moderate intensity. It also allows you to get your TV time out of the way while doing something physically active and productive!

4. Head Outdoors

Mix things up on occasion and move your Spinner bike outdoors! Weather permitting, the change of scenery from your deck, front porch or driveway might be just the freshness you seek! Sure, you’ll have the neighbors talking, but all the better for sharing your passion!

8 Outside the Box Ways to Enhance Your at-home Spinning® Experience - Get Outside

5. Prep for Your Next Ride

After each ride, set up for the next one as you’re cooling down by wiping your bike down with a dry towel and cleaning the floor of any sweat. Then, download any ride data you have on your heart rate monitor and make sure it is charged and ready for your next ride. Also, wash and refill your Spinning® water bottle and keep it in your refrigerator for “grab and go” convenience when you ride again. Lastly, wash your cycling kit as soon as possible per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

6. Create a Cross Training Routine

Spinning is a perfect partner for many other exercises. One way to incorporate cross training is to split your usual hour of Spinning into two 30-minute sessions, one which is dedicated to strength training using home-friendly equipment, such as the CrossCore®. However, if you prefer flexibility training, follow an online yoga video to warm up for 20 to 30 minutes before you ride. You can even take a leisurely walk after each ride for a prolonged and relaxing post-ride cool down.

8 Outside the Box Ways to Enhance Your at-home Spinning® Experience - Cross train

7. Challenge Friends on Social Media

Challenge other riders to a workout with you. Using your social media connections, you can live-stream your ride to the entire community, or face-time with a friend who has also discovered the powerful benefits of Spinning® at home. Go big and go social with your challenges to share your passion with others.

8. Train for an Upcoming Event

Train more frequently for a bike race or another athletic event that you have coming up. The quick availability a home Spinner bike offers is one of its most pronounced benefits. From elite athletes to entry level riders, anyone can benefit from being able to train for athletic events more frequently. After all, there are no excuses when each workout is within steps of where you rest your head at night.

Riding at home doesn’t mean you should miss out on classes at your favorite Spinning studio, as both experiences have their unique benefits. Be sure to mix it up between the two at a rate that suits your personal preferences and lifestyle.

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This article was contributed by Spinning Master Instructor, Cori Parks.

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