Group of senior SpinnersDon’t be fooled by images of indoor cycling classes showing only young people pedaling furiously and sweating profusely. A Spinning® class is designed for everyone at any age. Not only can seniors enjoy these classes, they can benefit greatly from the heart rate training and low impact activity that Spinning provides.

Although there is no legal definition of what constitutes the age of a senior, it can generally be agreed upon to be somewhere as young as 55 and upwards to 100 or more! Any senior contemplating indoor cycling is no doubt doing so in hopes of enjoying the exercise bike benefits, regardless of whether he or she can run a marathon or simply enjoys a walk around the block. The Spinning program is designed for every rider at every fitness level.

Am I Too Old to Benefit From an Exercise Bike?

As we get older, many people find that they just can’t perform certain physical maneuvers and actions that they used to. Bodies do start to wear down and deteriorate as age advances, but the rate and extent differ hugely from person to person. We can all agree, however, that any movement is better than no movement when it comes to being healthier. You may not be able to  exercise at breakneck speeds or lift a ridiculous amount of weights, but some degree of movement and challenge is hugely beneficial.

Many Health Benefits for Seniors

The benefits of an exercise bike are immense: it generates a stronger heart and lung capacity while lessening the chance of incurring coronary artery disease. You will build muscle in the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles, and this increased muscle strength radiates out and affects neighboring tendons, ligaments and bones, improving balance and coordination. It can also help reduce blood pressure. This is important since a person starts to lose muscle as he or she ages, even when exercising regularly.

The Benefit of Community

Any discussion about exercise bike benefits for seniors needs to include the strong personal sense of purpose and camaraderie one gets by belonging to the indoor cycling community. You feel you are part of a team (which you are!), everyone helping each other to achieve their goals. The physical and mental benefits of such a culture are well known. Many individuals who might otherwise give up on indoor cycling (or any other type of exercise) when performed alone find that the group dynamic provides the missing ingredient for success.

Ready, Set, Start!

As with any Spinning class, no matter what the instructor is encouraging you to do, you can always follow your own instincts and stick with what’s comfortable for you. It’s highly recommended to have a doctor’s clearance before embarking on any new exercise regimen, including indoor cycling. But the rewards are incredible, so find a Spinning class near you today!


  • Douglas Mewhorter

    I’m 67 with a lower back problem and my knees aren’t the greatest. I want to lose weight and get into all around good physical condition. A combination of spinning and light weightlifting seem to be a great way to go.

    Posted On December 27, 2016

  • Bo Dahlstrom

    Looking for music, online spinning programs for seniors

    Posted On January 10, 2017

  • Kathy

    Looking for a class in Carrollton Tx. No big gyms

    Posted On April 5, 2017

  • Sanjay Chadha

    What would be a good training/spin bike for the elderly – a bike which has an Bluetooth to get speed and may be direction.

    Posted On June 12, 2017

    • Hi Sanjay,

      Our bikes do not come equipped with Bluetooth, however, our Spin connect heart rate strap is Blue tooth compatible devices as far as the recommended bike for the elderly – that depends on the person. Height, the level of experience, how often they ride. If you have more specific questions, you can reach out to our customer service manager,



      Posted On July 6, 2017

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