Spinning® Escape Jamaica, better known as SEJA, is once again bringing the Spinning experience this November 3-5 in the homeland of reggae music, island living and the world’s best beaches.

Other than the white sandy beaches of Negril, the stunning sunsets, the super chilled vibe that only Jamaica can provide we want to share a little insight into the globally represented presenter team. SEJA offers its participants an exceptional team of fitness leaders from all around the world. These instructors not only offer Spinning rides across the two days, but also yoga, strength, and mind/body sessions.

With 10 Spinning Master Instructors from seven different countries, as well as seven local presenters from Jamaica, SEJA is the place to share the passion and expertise at over 56 sessions. On the final day, they will deliver the first-of-its-kind Reverse Spinning Triathlon. Starting with a 30 minute run, followed by a two-hour, global MI team ride, and finishing with an refreshing 300-meter swim in the crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Here’s a brief look into the presenter lineup for SEJA this year…

SEJA Spinning® MI Team:

Nestor Salinas Castillo – Chile
A Spinning® Master Instructor, personal trainer and university lecturer, the five things he loves most in life are teaching, riding his road bike, music, technology gadgets and eating.

Luciana Marcial Vincion – United States
A Spinning® Master Instructor since 2000 and Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology, Lu is the Team Manager for the entire Global MI Team and serves as Spinning Senior Adviser. Her 25 years in the industry means she once rocked the leg warmers, and now rocks the cycling kit!

Eduardo Gonzales Arce – Mexico
Eduardo has been teaching Spinning® classes for 18 years, with 15 of those years as a Master Instructor. He is the Spinning Training Coordinator in Mexico and an expert in creating profiles. His favorite topics are mental training, breathing techniques and mantras.

Jodi Mair – Jamaica
One of the four co-founders of SEJA, Jodi has been involved with the Spinning program for seven years. With most of her life revolving around all things fitness, she’s an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Spinning Master Instructor and Spinning Training Coordinator for Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Nadine Stewart – United States
Having three little ones at home was enough motivation take back control over her body and get certified as a personal trainer. The initial goal was to help her get back into shape but it set into a motion a desire to want to help others as well. She is a Master Instructor for Spinning®, Bodyblade®, Ugi®, and CrossCore®, as well as a AFAA-certified personal trainer and ACE group fitness instructor.

Martha Williams – Canada
She’s always wanted to fly. It started with jumping out of trees, riding horses bareback, and running wildly through fields of her family farm. Later, flying meant racing as a alpine skier, rower and downhill mountain biker. These days, she is a Spinning Master Instructor. She is also a Power Specialist in the SPINPower® program and a USA Level 2 Cycling Coach. Through clear intention, she motivates and inspires her students to break out of the box, push the ceiling and open the doors to knowing that they can soar and feel like they too can fly.

Tami Reilly – United States
Tami’s life, teaching and philosophy revolve around empowering people to be best they can be both physically and mentally. She is a Master Instructor for Spinning, Ugi and Bodyblade®, and has been part of the Mad Dogg Athletic family for the past 10 years. Tami is also a yoga teacher and In-Trinity® Master Instructor with over two decades of experience in the the industry. She currently works as an Associate Athletic Director at Quinnipiac University.

Natashia Iacovelli – Australia
One of the four co-founders of SEJA and a Jamaican at heart, Natashia’s career in fitness has included instructing, personal training, coaching, events, managing, lecturing and commercial sales, just to name a few! She has worked with the Spinning® program for 20 years as a Master Instructor, travelling far and wide to spread the joy of Spinning around the world. She is a Training Coordinator for the Spinning program, managing education in nine different countries across Asia and Australia.

Fethi Grabsi – France
A former mathematics teacher, Fethi appreciates educating and guiding people in order to enable them to live a unique fitness experience and reach their goals. His natural curiosity has brought him to develop several skills in the fitness field. As both a Spinning Master Instructor and a Group X fitness instructor since 2001, he is currently the Education Director for Fitlane, a chain of 10 gyms on the French Riviera.

Janet Toussaint – United States
Janet started with Spinning and Mad Dogg Athletics in 1996 and has worked in the industry for close to 25 years. She is known for her powerful teaching style and innate ability to connect with her students. Her philosophy of teaching and coaching is not only train and motivate their bodies, but also to fuel their minds with the science and knowledge. She finds that this is the perfect combination that students need to transform their approach to training and bring heightened awareness to their own performance and well-being.

SEJA Fitness & Yoga Presenters:

Nadine McNeil – Jamaica
Currently teaching at The Yoga Barn in Bali, Indonesia, Nadine offers a whole range of teachings – everything from my #BadAssana Series that combines vinyasa flow yoga with free weights, to “feeling-provoking” experiential workshops like “Self-Love is A Practice.”

Rob De Clercq – USA
Rob is a Team USA age-group triathlete from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is a Gatorade Endurance athlete where has had the opportunity to mentor about training and racing – as well as hydration – with the South Florida swimming, running and triathlon community. He swims with Azura Florida Aquatics Masters Swim Team, as well as trains with Alpha Endurance Triathlon Team.

Ceri Moe – Jamaica
A certified AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, Ceri owns, manages and teaches at a small but fierce studio in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She likes to train hard and lead by example. In addition to being a certified Spinning and Kettlebell Concepts instructor, she loves pushing her clients and members to their limits.

Helga Marzouca – Jamaica
A yoga teacher of 7 years with a creative side stemming from her being an artist, Helga has always mixed concepts and translated visions to reality. Through this experience, she continues to see herself as a translator of sorts, bringing yoga to audiences that might have not been exposed nor open to the classical yoga experience.

Wendy Lee – Jamaica
Wendy resides in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital and largest city. In addition to serving as the head coach and owner of the Tornadoes Swim Club, she also coaches age groups at the Jamaica National Team, Hillel Acadamy and the Carifta CCAN Commonwealth Youth Games. Wendy also has an American Swim Coaches certification and High Level coaching certificate from FINA from US Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

Sharon Feanny – Jamaica
Twenty years ago, after becoming a certified yoga instructor, Sharon returned to her homeland of Jamaica with a vision of brining the gift of yoga to the island. Today, she’s credited with not only bringing yoga to Jamaica, but in spreading the message of health and happiness through her transformational Live Fit Detox Programs. Her innovative yoga classes range from her signature Shakti Vinyasa Flow to her Live Fit Yoga (a combination of Kundalini Yoga with high intensity interval training).

Nadine Warner – Jamaica
Otherwise known by her clients as ‘Pitbull’ or ‘ABdominatrix’, Nadine is a Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor with AFAA. She won the Miss Jamaica Bikini Competition in 2001 and placed 2nd in the Spartan Body Beautiful Competition in 1996 and 1998. Her aim is to motivate to be your best self and take you to limits that you never thought possible.

Trudy Morris – Jamaica
Trudy, aka ‘Trudi Booti, ’ is fun, fit and fabulously energetic! As a teenager, she started her journey with swim training. The dedication she learned while training transcended into a passion for fitness. This led her to attend numerous conferences, workshops and become an AFAA-certified Personal Trainer and certified Group Fitness Instructor. To add to her growing repertoire, she is also a trainer and Certified Spinning Instructor at the BodyShop Fitness studio in Montego Bay.

To read even more on each of these presenters, visit the “Presenters” page here.

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