Caribbean Culture, Career Opportunities and an Authentic Fitness Experience.

The anticipation for one of the fitness industry’s newest and most invigorating experiences is now back for its second great year! Spinning Escape Jamaica (SEJA) is set to infuse the warm and easy-going Jamaican culture with a one-of-a-kind fitness experience.

Back for Another Round

In 2016, the first ever SEJA took place. It was an ambitious event, combining the rising trend of fitness-focused vacation packages and the invigorating elements of the Spinning® program to create a one-of-a-kind experience for fitness enthusiasts.

When mapping out the initial blueprint for the event, Jodi Mair, Spinning Master Instructor and SEJA event planner, was more determined than ever to bring the incredible Spinning experience to the Caribbean. In putting together the first ever SEJA, she created something authentic and unique, infusing the island vibes with the Spinning program’s traditional roots. Her efforts have paid off; the buzz spread faster and further from the sandy shores of the Jamaican coastline faster than anyone expected.

Introducing #SEJA2017

Fast forward to 2017, and that momentum from last year’s event has not subsided. Instructors and fitness professionals from all over the world are mapping out their yearly vacation schedules to ensure there’s room for SEJA 2017.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to get excited about this year’s event:

●  Creative & Authentic Programming

Maybe it’s the island’s reggae roots or the world-renown cuisine. But whatever it is, the creativity of SEJA truly shines. Spinning Master Instructor and Global MI Team Manager, Luciana Marcial-Vincion contributed to last year’s event with her professional experience both as an instructor, performer and dancer.

See the Schedule

“The event coordinators maximize the skills of the Spinning MIs that fall outside the ‘Spinning-specific’ expertise,” Luciana says. “You will see Spinning MIs presenting topics and sessions that highlight their other strengths. In my case, I’ll be teaching a hip-hop dance class called Hip.Hop.Hot.

●  An Elite Line-up of Instructors

The diversity of the MIs at SEJA is another huge draw for attendees. The world’s best Spinning instructors are flying in from all over the world not only to teach, but to connect at the world’s premiere vacation destinations. In addition to event organizer and hometown hero Jodi Mair, riders will also have a chance to ride alongside American MIs like Tami Reilly, Nadine Stewart, Janet Toussaint and Luciana Marcial-Vincion. Canada’s Martha Williams will be leading multiple sessions, as will Eduardo Gonzales Arce of Mexico. There will also be Nestor Salinas Castillo from Chile, Fethi Grabsi of France and, one of the Soul Sistas herself, Natashia Iacovelli from Australia!

Explore the Roster

This year’s event also features a diverse programming from tons of other prominent professionals to deliver a full fitness experience, including Jamaica’s own Nadine Prendergast and Trudy Morris who will be leading strength sessions at the event.

●  An Intimate Community and Relaxed Vibes

Intimacy community and a relaxed island vibe are just a few factors that made SEJA such a success in its inaugural year. “My favorite part of the event [last year] was the intimacy,” Luciana adds. “Everything about the event was centered on fostering a sense of close community.”

“The location, the session rooms/spaces, the programming, the number of attendees, the leisure activities – it was all conducive to facilitating a chill atmosphere that allowed the participants and presenters to really get to know each other – like family. I left feeling like a new tribe had been born.”

●  One-of-a-Kind Reverse Triathlon

When asked about the most exciting event at this year’s SEJA, Luciana doesn’t hesitate to answer: the Reverse Triathlon. “I’ve never experienced anything like it,” she says. “And I’ve lived near water my whole life!”

The Reverse Triathlon (or “RevTri” for short) combines the excitement of three fitness events with the beauty of the surrounding island. The event starts with a run/jog/walk around the Swept Away Sports Conference. Then, hope on your Spinner® bike for a 2-hour global extravaganza featuring the entire Master Instructor team from across the world! Finally, a quick run/walk across to the brilliant white-sand beach leads to a plunge into the perfect turquoise waters by the city of Negril.

“How can you beat the beautiful Jamaican waters as a way to end the event?” Luciana asks. “And it’s formatted to accommodate everyone, whether you consider yourself a runner or not, or a swimmer or not – there’s something for everyone. It was just so much fun! And the camaraderie was beyond comprehension. Everyone needs to experience this!”

●  Yoga & Fitness Programming

SEJA is bringing more than Spinning to Many Spinning® professionals dabble in other fields within the fitness industry, and considering its mind-body emphasis, yoga is one of the more consistent crossovers. In addition to leading rides, In-Trinity® Master Instructor Tami Reilly will be leading yoga sessions in a tent dedicated to entirely to yoga!

“This is such an important element of SEJA programming – the diversity,” Luciana says. “The very nature of Jamaica is an immersion into diversity, so the SEJA event both embodies and respects that quality through the session choices and presenter lineup. I truly enjoyed the yoga and In-Trinity® sessions. I honestly don’t think there is anything better than sunrise yoga on the beaches of Jamaica – it’s so intoxicating.”

●  Load up on CECs & Blue Mountain Coffee Beans!

Not only does SEJA offer a world-class fitness event and vacation, but it’s also a chance to catch up on your CEC needs. Certified Spinning Instructors will be eligible to collect up to eight SPIN® CECs for the two days’ worth of sessions. You can also earn an additional 2 SPIN CECs for the Reverse Triathlon.

And unlike other fitness events, SEJA offers something special for the coffee-lovers. According to coffee connoisseurs, the “cup of joe” the indigenous Blue Mountain Coffee Beans cook up is up there with the world’s best. And even if you aren’t a coffee-fanatic, Christmas will be right around the corner, and stocking stuffers from Jamaica are always handy!

Save Your Spot, They’re Filling Up Fast!

With a trip to #SEJA2017, you don’t just get a sunny Caribbean vacation – you’ll experience a journey laden with exercise-induced endorphins and island authenticity. Don’t hesitate and sign-up today before this intimate event sells out!
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