Earlier this year, we brought you Oana Terteleac’s success with her Spinning® studio in Romania and debuted her video of her with the local news. Now, Romania’s first Spinning superstar is in the local news again for her work with cardiologists as they implement Spinning into a recovery and prevention plan for heart disease.

With the help of cardiologist Dr. Clara Alexandrescu of CardioRec, Oana organized the first event to promote cardiovascular health by taking the Spinner® bikes out of the studio and out to the community. Dr. Alexandrescu currently has an after surgery program in place at the hospital where she practices, and Oana promoted the Spinning program as a “natural extension” of Dr. Alexandrescu’s programs.

Oana has been a member of the master instructor team since 2014 and is already scheduled for another upcoming television interview—her third television appearance this year—and we hope to see more of her making a difference in Europe.

Did Spinning® give you a spot on the local news? Send us your videos! We want to see how instructors are taking Spinning out of the class room to spread the program in their communities.

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