Everything Old Can Be New Again

We all know that Jan. 1 is the beginning of a new calendar year and that every New Year brings a new start. As instructors and coaches, how can we make everything old, new again and provide our students and athletes with a new Spinning® experience?

We can begin by feeling comfortable performing our everyday duties in an entirely new way and making our personal and professional projects stand out with a hint of creativity. Through these practices, a normal activity can take on new life and help us find a way to invigorate passion into our daily routines.

Letting your imagination express itself in your daily lives can make your personal and professional routines more interesting and engaging. Our creativity can at times be stifled by our adherence to rigid routines and formal obligations. Giving your mind regular opportunities to express itself gives you the freedom to be innovative and try new ways to address everyday tasks. Boredom will seldom plague you when you allow yourself to be creative each time that you work or play. When you let your imagination spread its wings, you may find new pleasures when designing your Spinning profiles, which can help elevate the experience you provide your students.

The bottom line is this: you have many of the tools you need closer to our grasp than you may realize. Let us start with the Four Ps: Population (who), Purpose (what), Plan (how) and Progression (how).

In 2017, start to build on what your students already know. What you will be doing is repackaging the knowledge you have already shared in the past. The same movements taught with a different overall presentation. This presentation should reflect the music you enjoy and the moves you execute the best, while also assisting your students in achieving their goals. After all, when instructors enjoy their job, it is easier to communicate the overall message to our students.

If you haven’t taken the “Spinning and Core Training” workshop, you should consider taking it this year not only can it help you present a newly packaged plan to your students, it will provide them with the following:

  • Improved awareness to functional moves on and off the bike
  • Promotes balance and inner senses (proprioception)
  • Decreases in physical losses due to aging
  • Improved coordination
  • Correction in muscular imbalances

Then there is the workshop “Creating a Journey Ride.” This workshop can enlighten your creativity in just a few hours. For example:

  • Destination Rides – Maybe your students wish they could ride in a different part of the world. Why not take them there with an authentic journey ride?
  • Theme Rides – Each month of the year has at least one holiday. What better time than the start of a new year to facilitate a Bucket List Ride. Leave a bucket at the door and encourage participants to leave one of their Bucket List items for 2017 inside of it on their way into class, then create rides based on someone’s items.
  • Seasons Ride – During each of the four seasons, why not create a Seasons Ride? Even if you live in a location where there isn’t much change in temperature, take your students through a seasonal ride to create an authentic experience for them, regardless of the region they are in.
  • Philanthropic Rides – Give back to the community by holding a Philanthropic Ride to support a charity. Philanthropic rides are an excellent way to accomplish two worthy goals at once: fitness goals and philanthropic goals.

Note: While some of these courses may not be offered in your geographic region, you can request to host a training course by simply submitting your information!

Of course, it is perfectly okay to present what you already know and feel comfortable teaching. We never want to entirely throw traditional classes away. Just do your best to make that which is old new again. Happy New Year!

This article was written by Donna L. Minotti, MS, Master Spinning® Instructor


  • kabelo motshegwe

    how do i become a spinning master trainer

    Posted On January 18, 2017

    • Donna

      Kabelo, Thank you for your inquiry. If you have not yet received a reply to your question about becoming a Master Instructor for Spinning, please send me an email directly and I will guide you further. Best, Donna

      Posted On January 24, 2017

  • robert harrington

    some great ideas! will absolutely incorporate them into my future classes.

    Posted On January 23, 2017

  • Gloria Andrade

    Thanks for keeping us informed!!!! Great info!!!

    Posted On January 23, 2017

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