On March 20-22nd, 2015, Star Trac UK staged a successful Spinning® Showcase in Blackpool that was held in tandem with the International Fitness showcase. Instructors, enthusiasts and gym owners flocked to the Spinning® and BoxMaster® zones to take part in lectures, workshops and high energy rides. Riders were put through their paces while broadcasting on a live feed from MYZONE.

About the Conference

As the main sponsors and event organizers, Star Trac UK brought 125 Spinner® bikes to Blackpool’s iconic Winter Gardens, Galleon bar. The event is set in the grade 2 listed building incorporating various elements built between 1875 and 1939. There were 7,000 attendees for the International Fitness Showcase with over 150 Spinning participants and VIPs attending the Spinning Showcase event on each slot. Each ride was filled with pumping music and hundreds of the sweating individuals, creating massive intensity and energy.

Each ride, lecture and workshop showed off different aspects of fitness training, alongside motivational rides and workouts full of tips, and helpful information. When you attend a Spinning Showcase, you are not just there to ride. You enter as an individual and leave as part of the Spinning community.

One attendee said that she “was not in a good space” when she arrived after being laid off and being on her own. But by the end of the weekend, she felt great and ready to take on all challenges ahead. She thought there was loads of great information, and she left “feeling fit and looking forward to next year.” When you can see how the program is making a differences to people’s lives, it makes the conference and the hard work put into each session by the presenters worth every minute.

New Talent

On day two of the International Spinning Showcase, Master Instructor Mel Chambers and Star Trac’s Master Trainer Cat Booker presented the ‘Club Land’ ride, which completely sold out. Every rider was fitted with glow sticks and energized with the girls’ quality music and pumping class.

However, our guest presenter, Maurizio Bottoni, showed his Italian flare by taking a more relaxed method of teaching, walking around the room engaging with the participants one-on-one, inspiring them to work harder. This ended in an all-red MYZONE screen with all participants working over 90%.

In the lecture room, Jonny Wilson took charge of teaching the attendees how to set up their own micro studio by educating them on the benefits and challenges of going solo in the industry.

Help for Heroes Charity Finale Ride

The Help for Heroes ride was presented by Master Instructor Sandro Morelli and guest presenter Maurizio Bottoni. The ride was carried out in the theatre and the final chance to ride with the team. Ticket sales soared with the proceeds going to Help for Heroes.

After just becoming Certified Spinning Instructors last month, members of the 5th Regiment Royal Artillery joined us for the final ride to support their injured comrades. The high point of the ride was the fun banter between not only the two presenters but with the audience as well. Both Sandro and Maurizio let out their Italian humor, with Education and Development Manager Sarah Morelli revealing a picture of Sandro’s ‘80s hairstyle rotating on the big screen.

The Spinning program previously worked with the Help for Heroes charity by raising money through a big event at Chelsea F.C. in 2009 and a joint venture with Nuffield Health Club at Canary Wharf in 2011. Morelli affirmed that “it makes complete sense to continue our support for Help for Heroes by hosting another Spinning Charity Ride, similar to the one hosted in 2009 in London, which was a great success.”

Sandro and Sarah Morelli will be presenters at this year’s WSSC Conference on May 29th-31st, 2015 in Miami, Florida. Register today for WSSC Conference or find more Global Rides and Events near you!

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