By Rodrigo Vilches, Spinning® Master Instructor

“It all started in 2010, when Jordan Rudess, a virtuoso keyboardist in one of my favorite bands, Dream Theater, released an iOS app. I was very curious about this so finally I downloaded it and I was very impressed. I put my guitarist skills to work and utilized my knowledge to modify the sounds, scales, notes, pitch and delay features of this app. The result? I was using my iPhone as a guitar!

At that moment I realized I could play with electronic music, I then thought about playing for my Spinning® classes. Seeing the reaction of amazement from my students, this lead to a medium-sized Spinning Ride. It was awesome! Seeing that this was a great resource, I started looking for more music related apps.

Along with Néstor Salinas, we started to master these apps on our iPhones and iPads. In 2012, we decided to prepare the first edition of the iPad Ride, an ambitious and innovative ride at the WSSC Conference. Finally, this ride turned into a total success, leaving people waiting outside the conference room because there were no more bikes available.

In 2013, we improved the iPad Ride even more. The second edition at the WSSC Conference was in a larger space where, again, some people couldn’t find a spot. In this second edition, Néstor added a MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) controller keyboard connected to his Mac Book full of sound banks and programs with digital instruments. At the same time I played on iPhones and iPads.

During the WSSC Conference in 2014, the iPad Ride: 3rd edition, was presented in the Grand Ballroom at full capacity and was a total success. This is our best finished version where we integrated the MIDI controller and the mobile devices in the best way possible. Néstor plays bass and ambient sounds on the keyboard and on the other side I play leads on the devices. The result? We created music completely live. Also in this 3rd edition, we included a DJ board where Néstor plays a live mixed set for the final climb of this ride.

Today our digital music station includes: 3 Mac Books, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, DJ Board and a MIDI Keyboard/Controller.

We are currently preparing the 4th edition of this great ride, and seriously thinking on adding an electric guitar and a laser harp. By putting together these digital tools with the whole essence of the Spinning Program, we truly hope to have a tremendous ride at the WSSC Conference in 2015.


  • Rebecca gallemore

    Are there more than one quiz when pay the $20.00???

    Posted On January 28, 2015

    • Christina Castaneda

      Hi Rebecca, each quiz is worth 1 SPIN® CECs and costs $20 USD.

      Posted On January 29, 2015

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