How do you show to your community that the Spinning® program is so much more than just a workout? Sponsor a ride for charity! You’re probably wondering, “What kind of ride would I host? How do I get the word out about the event?” A charity/fundraising ride can be completed with these simple tips:

  • Select a charitable organization with an important cause such as cancer research, hunger or domestic violence. Many charitable organizations will assist you with your fundraising efforts.
  • Organize a 2- to 6-hour Spinning ride and encourage individuals (members as well as non- members) to recruit sponsors.
  • Partner with local media and businesses. Have them donate funds in exchange for free PR (list sponsors in your club’s newsletter and event flyers).
  • Raffle a free club membership or prizes to the rider with the most donations. You could recruit a new club member or supremely satisfy a current one.
  • Promote! Promote! Promote! Get the word out with simple email campaigns and social media!
  • Post flyers wherever you can; local merchants, restaurants, schools, universities and gas stations are a few great spots to post a flyer. Perhaps a business may even assist you in taking donations by setting out a money jar with your logo and event information displayed.
  • Post ride details on your website as well as newsgroups, bulletin boards. Don’t forget to utilize your social media.
  • It’s all about convenience, so set-up a PayPal® account or other automated payment systems where participants and donors can pay via credit card (
  • Send a press release to your local media. Challenge your local favorite TV reporter to participate… challenge the mayor to ride!

Your Spinning program will shine when the community knows you’ve created a ride not only good for you and your riders, but good for others in need.

Join Spinning and the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women® movement in the fight against heart disease! Sign up at a facility near you for Spinning Nation® 2015 on Saturday, February 28!

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