collen broersma spinning master instructor 2Colleen discovered Spinning® in its early days, back when it was a “new trend.” She had just opened a new club and wanted to be the “first on the block” to offer Spinning, so she scheduled a training for her staff and “the rest was pure love.” Since the start she has loved the program’s ability to change lives, especially the ability to help individuals discover that they are more than they think they are and can do more than they think they can.

Colleen’s favorite aspect of the Spinning program is that it is so effective—it allows individuals of all ages, abilities and body sizes to reach their goals. She tells aspiring instructors that, while they might begin teaching with the thought that it would be great to get paid to work out, they’ll end up sticking with it because they’ll be “blown away by the amazing privilege and pleasure that it is to be a part of people’s lives as they achieve life-changing outcomes.” Colleen is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a Yogafit Instructor and a Wellness Council of America Faculty Member.

“One time I offered a Century Training program and I had a client who was a brilliant CFO who had never done anything athletic in her life. She worked hard to train for a century using both her Spinning classes and outside rides. When she crossed the finish line she jumped off her bike and started grabbing anyone who would listen as she continuously proclaimed “I just rode 100 miles!” We live in Colorado, so it was a demanding 100…”


  • Jayne

    Hi, I just bought a indoor bike from Walmart and it has Golds Gym name on it. It’s the 310 series, how does it rank? Haven’t opened it yet but got a 2 year warranty and just needed to know if it is a good starter bike? It’s called the gold’s gym cycle trainer 310. Thanks Jayne.

    Posted On May 10, 2014

    • Martin Z

      Hi Jayne, the specific indoor bike you mention is not manufactured by Spinning®. Here is the link to the official Spinning® site where you can learn more about our indoor bikes: Spinning® Website

      Posted On May 12, 2014

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