As the New Year dawns, we tend to review our accomplishments from the previous year and make goals for the coming months. Quite often, one of those goals is to get healthier. We want to get active, eat right and maintain a consistent workout program. But daily stresses can take a toll on each of those aspirations, so finding a routine that is enjoyable gives us the best chance to succeed.

Studios and gyms offer a large variety of workout possibilities. Aerobic machines, group exercise classes, resistance training equipment and personal training coaches can be found at many locations. Each selection provides an opportunity to attain a healthier state of being for each of us.

Spinning® has established itself as a means to provide participants with a variety of ways to become physically stronger, mentally tougher and more aerobically powerful. A certified Spinning instructor can assist participants with setting up their bike, maintaining efficient resistance and targeting appropriate intensity levels.

Spinning also offers the advantage of being a low-impact form of training, which is a unique characteristic among cardiovascular training activities. Since the joint stress is minimal, a Spinning class can be ideal for people recovering from knee or hip surgery or someone who experiences discomfort during extended training periods. Many physical therapists use stationary cycling as a way to strengthen muscles and rebuild strength in connective tissue. Among the many advantages of Spinning is the ability of each rider to select the amount of resistance that best fits their needs and capabilities. Low-impact training can also be advantageous for athletes who do high-intensity training as a part of their workout schedules. Since many high-intensity activities put stress on the body to help it adapt, Spinning can provide an efficient low-impact alternative that can improve many other training sessions an athlete chooses to include in their fitness routine.

Perhaps the greatest advantage Spinning has over all other group exercise options is that classes can include participants who are new to fitness. When people start to create their personal fitness schedules, they may feel intimidated by the fast-moving, choreographed structures offered by many other programs. A well-designed Spinning class is inclusive to everyone attending the class, whether they are new to exercising or an experienced athlete. A Spinning instructor has a selection of movements to accommodate the needs of every rider. Within any class objective, a certified Spinning instructor can provide an environment that challenges a person’s fitness safely and efficiently.

Aside from the obvious physical attributes Spinning classes offer, some participants ride to elevate their overall feeling of well-being. In a Spinning class, a person becomes part of a community. Each member contributes their energy that helps to build a strong social bond, shared with each rider in the room. Using powerful music and positive coaching techniques, the instructor elevates the performance of their students. Visual guidance and expressive cues will help each rider succeed while also progressing toward their individual fitness goals. When the session concludes, riders will likely feel as if their efforts have made them stronger, calmer and cognitively clearer. While the challenges they face in life may still be there, the stresses presented by them may now seem more manageable.

The Spinning program continues to be the worldwide leader in the indoor cycling industry, due in part to our growing team of instructors who have completed comprehensive certification courses while also maintaining continuing education units. This team of dedicated instructors ensures their classes include the most recent fitness information available. The Spinning program can help riders achieve numerous health benefits including weight loss, improved physical strength, enhanced cardiovascular efficiency and increased mental clarity.

A training program should be something that each person looks forward to participating in each and every time. It should energize the body and mind. It begins with anticipating the excitement of the activity and concludes with increased energy and a sense of accomplishment. The Spinning program offers these advantages to millions of riders across the globe. It welcomes the person just starting to build their initial fitness level, while still offering a challenge to performance athletes. A typical class may include persons who are overcoming physical challenges, or those wanting to experience a connection with others also looking to improve their health. A Spinning class can offer all of these benefits and more.

As a new year begins, invite a friend to join you in a Spinning class so they too can discover what the program can offer. They’ll thank you for it!

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