Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. and Spinning® are thrilled to partner with Precor®, a leading provider of personalized fitness solutions. Precor has been consistently known for its top-rated customer satisfaction and quality, as well as for the reliability and integrity of its cardio products. Because of this, they were a perfect partner choice. We’re partnering up to develop a whole new line of bikes and educational resources that will help incorporate the Spinning program into more fitness facilities’ offerings.

Perhaps you’re wondering how this new partnership is going to benefit you, whether you’re a loyal Spinning instructor, enthusiast or facility?

Here’s how: we’re bringing you an entirely new type of indoor cycling experience. We’re taking the strong reputation, educational experience, and vibrant Spinning culture, and pairing it with the engineering technology and robust product experience that Precor is known for. Together, we’re producing a whole new fleet of commercial Spinner® bikes that are sure to impress riders of all levels across the globe.

To get the full scoop, check out the official press release and read on to find out the top reasons why the new partnership will increase all of our momentum.

1. Growing our Culture

The Spinning® and Precor® cultures are aligned to offer the best fitness solutions to help people achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier lives by creating the premium fitness experience. Precor has been recognized consistently for its top-rated customer satisfaction and quality, as well as for the reliability and integrity of its cardio products, they were a perfect partner choice. Precor and Spinning will team up and work together to produce training and education programs to complement this new Spinner® bike product line.

2. Let’s Get Technical

Precor® has found a definite strength in fitness technology products, and its ties to Seattle’s technology sector were among the many good factors in the creation of our relationship.  And with Spinning® being headquartered in Venice, California, we were thrilled to partner with another West Coast-based company located in Woodinville, Washington.  Precor has a deep-rooted history of innovation in fitness equipment, and has been behind some of the most groundbreaking launches within the fitness industry since their start in 1980.

3. Expanding our Global Network

The Spinning® community includes over 80 countries, 25 languages, 140 Master Instructors, 35,000 licensed Spinning facilities, hundreds of thousands of active Spinning instructors, and millions of riders. With the addition of Precor® we are welcoming millions of more enthusiasts. Precor is a proud member of Amer Sports, one of the leading sporting goods companies in the world whose brands include Salomon®, Wilson®, Atomic®, Arc’teryx®, Mavic®, Suunto®, and DeMarini®. Together, Spinning and Precor will reach more people globally than ever before, to offer the best in research and development, innovative design, customer satisfaction and world-class education programs.


The new Spinner® line of bikes are planned to debut in late 2015. Stay tuned on for more upcoming information on the Spinning and Precor partnership.


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