angie sturtevant spinning master instructor 2This month, you’ve met Angie Sturtevant as she showed her fun side, now find out more about how she becomes inspired to create brilliant ideas to combine both science and sport to advance power based training through the SPINPower® program.

How did you first learn of the Spinning Program?
I owned a health club. At that time, I was also training for performance cycling events and often trained indoors on a bike trainer due to the wintery Wisconsin weather. When I heard of the Spinning program, I thought, “why didn’t I think of that?”

What do you love about the Spinning® program?
I love riding bikes and being around caring, positive, goal-driven people and smart training practices. The Spinning program combines all of that. I can ride a bike in an empowering class environment, surrounded by riders of diverse populations with positive energy, who care about what works─ true health and fitness. I love that the Spinning program stays true to fitness training versus gimmicky training.

How have you seen the SPINPower program changes people’s lives?
The SPINPower program makes people accountable for their own health, as power meter technology provides an instantaneous and honest measurement of what they are putting into the flywheel, their true caloric expenditure, and their true exercise effort. They can’t fib, at least to themselves. The rider knows if the exercise intensity is the right dose. The rider is accountable for making the bike come to life, so it affects and changes them. The SPINPower program validates that effect and change. Riders are having greater success in achieving weight loss and fitness goals, as well as in maintaining healthy behavior.

How do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in achieving goals, whether they are my goals or helping others achieve theirs. I also find inspiration in nature. I aim high to accomplish what I set my mind to, and see the promise of what is possible looking at the mountains, oceans, clouds and animals. My mind is the most creative and at peace when I am outside in nature, riding mountain bike trails, cross country skiing in the woods, walking my dog through the park, kayaking the lake. This recharges me and inspires my thoughts.

What does power mean to you?
To me, power means one’s physical and mental potential and their own actual ability to create change. In the SPINPower Program, power gives the individual control over their own health and fitness regardless of outside influences. The greater one’s physical power and will power are, the greater their ability will be and the more they empower their health and fitness.

How does our power program differ from others?
The SPINPower program is the only indoor cycling fitness training program with roots in cycling, perceived exertion, heart rate training, power-based training and sport psychology. SPINPower is the only program that is developed and led by an expert in power-based cycling and education and made appropriate for the specific circumstances of indoor-fixed gear cycling and its population. Additionally, the SPINPower Program is not only accredited by gold-standard fitness certification organizations, but is also approved by USA Cycling and Triathlon. The SPINPower program is taught by an advanced team of Power Specialist Master Instructors, who meet higher education and experience requirements, specific to power based knowledge and coaching.

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