Heart Rate Monitor WatchIf you want to lose weight and get fit with indoor cycling, a heart monitor allows you to watch and control the proper level of your heart rate to achieve that goal. If your heart beat rate is too high or too low, the body doesn’t burn calories as efficiently as it does when the heartbeat rate is elevated to just 75-85% of its maximum rate.

Or you may be taking a day to recover and don’t want to work out as intensely as other days. A heart rate monitor will alert you that you are going at it too hard and should back off a bit. On the other hand, if your exertion level is low but your monitor shows your heart rate is elevated, you would know you need to cut back a bit or take a break, as you are overworking your heart and need to build up your stamina more gradually.

A monitor is a valuable tool so you can see what your rate is and where to keep it for the most benefit.

Every body is different and has different requirements, thresholds, and capacities. When you use a Spin bike heart rate monitor, you are in control. You have the ability to maximize your workout smartly so you reap the benefits without endangering yourself.

Many Heart Rate Monitors to Choose From

Some Spin heart rate monitors are easily worn as a watch, monitoring your time, heart rate and amount of calories burned. Additionally, you can also track your weight, body fat and water composition. Some are worn as a strap around your chest, wirelessly transmitting data to the bike’s computer.

Heart Rate Monitor StrapThere are heart monitors that sync with a specific Spinner® bike, such as the Spinning Connect™ strap that connects with the Spinner® Blade ION™, as well as connecting wirelessly with every Spinning computer and most other on-board bike computers.

You may prefer a monitor that simply tracks your heart rate and interval training segments, like the Garmin® Forerunner® 210 Men’s watch.

There are also computers that affix to the handlebars, displaying your heart rate and pulse, cadence, time, distance and calories burned.

You can wear a Spin heart rate monitor as a watch or strap, connecting with a Spin® bike computer using Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ technology for smooth and continuous transmission.

Some heart rate monitors are used only on indoor cycles, while others can function on both indoor and outdoor bikes. The capabilities range from simple heart rate gauges to full-blown, multilingual interfaces with alarms, stopwatch capabilities and enough storage space for numerous exercise files and training summaries.

Top-of-the-line manufacturers, such as Polar and Garmin, offer a variety of monitors to suit your needs. Check out our selection of Spin® heart rate monitors for both men and women.


  • William Marvin

    I would like to look into a spin heart rate monitor. No bells and whistles but it should be able to work for indoor and outdoor cycling. I am not a techie so the simplest operation would be best. Thanks.

    Posted On February 22, 2017

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