The Four-Part Game Plan

Weight loss is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make, but sticking to that January weight loss goal can often prove to be more challenging than we expect. In fact, studies have shown that only about 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolution, which is why it’s so important for you to have the proper structure and guidance if you want to beat the odds. Luckily, we have just the solution for you![i] [ii]

Over the next two months, the Spin® Life blog is highlighting a series designed to help you conquer the scale once and for all! From structured training plans to diet advice, you’ll have all the structure you need to reach your goals. Win the battle for your waistline once and for all with The Complete Guide to Weight Loss!

Each of the four articles in this series will consist of a detailed strategy covering a different topic:

1. Cardio PlanSpin Life - The Complete Guide to Weight Loss - Cardio Plan

Cardio is a cornerstone of weight loss as a proven way to burn calories and drop pounds. Luckily, following a cardio program is now easier than ever for those of you with a home Spinner® Bike. However, a basic plan with structure is still vital when it comes to this time-proven weight loss practice. Part 1 of this series will cover all the details you need for a full-proof cardio plan optimized for weight loss.

For those of you who do not own a home Spinner® Bike, you can easily purchase one using the link below. If you’re not a fan of home workouts, use our Find a Class” feature to locate a Spinning® class nearby.

2. Motivational Tips & Tricks

From “Hang in There” posters (the ones with the cute cat) to scheduling each workout on your calendar, there are many different tactics you can use to stay motivated. However, at the end of the day, motivation typically requires a customized approach. With that in mind, Part 2 of this series will be providing you with a list of motivational tips and tricks for you to choose from so that you can personally customize your approach.

Spin Life - The Complete Guide to Weight Loss - Diet3. Key Diet Adjustments

The most important factor when it comes to weight loss diets is calorie consumption. In fact, simply consuming 500 calories less than you burned each day for one week should result in about 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss. However, beyond that piece of advice, there are a plethora of other critical adjustments you can make to your diet. From gluten-free to paleo diets, we’ll be expanding more on those adjustments in Part 3 of this series.[iv]

Spin Life - The Complete Guide to Weight Loss - Strength Training4. Strength Training Routine

Strength training can be an effective part of your 2017 weight loss plan. The reason being, it can help you build muscle which helps increase your resting metabolism, making your body burn more calories throughout the day! It also enhances your muscular definition, giving you that desirable lean and athletic build everyone is looking to create. The Spin® Life blog will be highlighting a strength training workout to complement your weight loss goals. [iii]

While results will inevitably vary, one thing is for certain; by the end of The Complete Guide to Weight Loss series, you’ll see and feel the difference. Check back each week as we continue to delve further into the details of this comprehensive weight loss guide.

This article was contributed by James Gardikas, Digital Content Manager – Mad Dogg Athletics


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