As the year winds down with the endless resolutions and holiday feasts, all the fitness hype you experienced since last winter is ranked into a best and worst list through every fitness channel you can find.

But here at Spinning®, we want to give you the best of 2015, as this year topped the charts for wellness, breakthroughs and our amazing instructors:

1. Josh Taylor’s Warrior Ride

Prepare for glory! We will not be defeated by limitations! With a legion of over 300 riders, we rode into battle with the belief that strength comes from facing adversity and overcoming challenges!

Registration for this year’s Instinct Ride by Josh Taylor opens soon, subscribe to find out how to reserve your spot!

2. Master Instructor’s Day Out

What’s the perfect summer adventure? On a bike ride through the mountains or taking the scenic route down the coast? Master Instructors know how to bring the party to a Spinning class, but this summer, we share the fun they had outdoors too.

3. Global Rides and Events

SPEX in the Netherlands, Tour de Pier, IMD Italy, the Underground Energy Zone, RIDEGYPT, the Master Instructor Team Ride; this was just a fraction of the year’s incredible Global Rides and Events. Experience epic rides in a whole new setting and sneak in a few extra vacation days for a few more scenic rides around town or meet some of our Master Instructors.

4. New Workshops

The new workshops that debuted this year, the Art of Recovery and 3-Part Cues, are filling up fast. We listened to what our instructors want, and in 2016 we have new workshops ready to help you bring the epic journey rides to life!

5. Riding for Humanity

Spinning Nation, battling an outbreak, fighting for human rights, uniting women around the world; this year, we want to take the time to congratulate our amazing Master Instructors for moving mountains every day in their Spinning classes while leading causes that contribute to charities and non-profit organizations that truly make a difference.

6. Meet the Warriors

Every instructor has a journey from the moment they start their Spinning classes to when they become a Certified Spinning Instructor. Meet riders who are Warriors for Spinning and find out how they not only defeated their obstacles, but now contribute their inspiration and strength to the Spinning network of instructors.

7. Precor® & Spinning®: A New Beginning

Great bikes, new look! This year, we brought you an entirely new type of indoor cycling experience. We’re taking the strong reputation, educational experience and vibrant Spinning culture, and pairing it with the latest engineering technology and robust product experience that Precor is known for.

8. Fitness Entrepreneurs

Spinning celebrates everyone who goes out every day to do what they love with a genuine enthusiasm for fitness. Watch our instructors as they open new studios, create new programs and design new lines of fitness apparel. Take control of your freedom; stop being a “wantreprenuer” and find out about the how they made their fitness businesses a success!

9. WSSC 16th Anniversary

Our new partnership with the Hilton and Marriott provided us with a hot new venue and savings on accommodations. The WSSC Conference in 2015 was the largest conference yet with record breaking numbers of sessions and new presenters. Registration for 2016 opens soon, so subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to reserve your spot!

10. Our Certified Spinning Instructors

Cheers to all of our instructors as we start the New Year! Thank you for going out to teach your classes every day and bringing more than just a workout to your riders. You bring everyone motivation, encouragement and a burning workout with a killer playlist to deliver that uplifting experience that can transform someone’s day, or even their life!

With strong partnerships, new courses, and our amazing team of instructors, 2016 will be our biggest year ever! Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates!

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